Good Morning Düsseldorf!

8 Nov

Come join us today for the Street Food Festival at Boui Boui Bilk from 12-22h!  Kimchi-Ramenburgers being served with ❤ all the way from Berlin.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 8.00.26 AM

Crazy I can live with

21 Oct

read about how our Ramenburger is winning over hearts and minds (and tummies) at the ExBerliner! 

And get your next Ramenburger fix at Street Food Thursday this week!


(photo by Anna Agliard)

My kimchi is inspiring art!

7 Oct

Check out these beautiful illustrations from a new customer of my kimchi.  Wow, I’m so honored Ephi liked my kimchi so much! Gamsahabnida!



Stadt Land (kimchi) FOOD

29 Sep

We are taking part in the first Stadt Land Food festival kicking off this week.  Foodmania begins Thursday evening with the regular Street Food Thursday market, but be on the lookout- we will be OUTSIDE settling into our street side digs from Thursday – Sunday.   Kimchiburgers and all things kimchi coming your way.  Send us an email if you’d like to reserve some jars of kimchi.


Kitchen hijack from the Kitchen Guerilla

27 Sep

This week I had a blast in the kitchen filming a segment for ZDFinfo with Olaf and Koral from Kitchen Guerilla and giving them a taste of some of my kimchi specialties like Kimchikäsespätzle and Rotkohl-kimchi.  It’s a true cultural mash-up when a Korean-American is showing a northern German and Turkish-German how to cook some proper spätzle. What a fun pair! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while at work, and they helped with the dishes too!  Let’s just say the door is open any time my jungs ;)

photo 2

photo 1

then it was off to Street Food Thursday where Kimchi-ramenburgers were tasted and approved- Sau lecker!

photo 3

Now the boys are off to Korea to get a taste of the homeland, but I sent them off with a few jars of kimchi to tide them over for the flight.

Viva la KIMCHI!

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It’s that time of week when Kimchi is in the air…

24 Sep

and on the breath.

Street Food Thursday!  Be there. Bring mints.


(photo by Stll in Berlin)

how to tell when your kimchi is ripe!

21 Sep

Found this flowchart on and it’s brilliant! ♥♥♥♥♥ :)nocrazykimchi1


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