We are on temporary hiatus!

30 Jan
KIMCHI FANS! We are on a temporary hiatus and the restaurant will be closed until April. We are sorry for the inconvenience! Our catering company keeps growing (which is great!) and it is now exceedingly difficult to run both the restaurant and catering from the same tiny kitchen.
We are searching for a more permanent solution, until then we will be closed for business at Kollwitzstrasse. You can still find us at Street Food Thursdays on the 1st and 3rd week of each month and other markets throughout Berlin. In the meantime, we are also still available for catering requests. Stay tuned for some exciting pop ups we have planned during our hiatus!
Keep Calm and Kimchi On!

Help us win!!

24 Aug

Kimchi lovers!!!

Our restaurant is a finalist in the Gastro-Gründerpreis.  Help us win by liking the link below and sharing it with all your friends of Facebook.  The more like, comments and share we get on the original link will help our chances at winning some incredible prizes, including restaurant mentorship, a cash prize (we can really use this after our disastrous flooding) and some other nice perks.  We have until Aug 28 to collect as many shares, likes and comments to this link.

Thanks for your support and VIVA LA KIMCHI!

Temporarily Closed for Business!

11 Aug

Hello Kimchi Fans-  we are unfortunately temporarily closed due to flood damages from the crazy Berlin rain on July 26.  The walls and floors are drying out as we speak and we hope to be back in action by the end of August.

Stay tuned!  In kimchi we trust!

Hallo Kimchi Fans-wir leider vorübergehend geschlossen wegen Hochwasserschäden aus dem verrückten Berlin regen am 26. Wir hoffen, wieder in Aktion bis Ende August!

Viva la Kimchi!

Fräulein Kimchi on Der Vorkoster

13 Dec

I spent a great afternoon with top chef, Björn Freitag on Der Vorkoster talking about Street Food and showing him how to build one of our classic creations, the Kimchi-Ramenburger.  The best part was watching him wolf down one of our Ramenburgers! 🙂  Watch the full episode here.  VIVA LA KIMCHI!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.49.20 PM

We’ve made the list!

13 Dec

It’s been a good week for Fräulein Kimchi.   We’ve made the 2016 Tip Gastro Guide! Woop woop!

Thanks Thrillist!

11 Dec

Wondering where to eat in Berlin?  Check out all the restaurants on this new list from Thrillist (we’re on there too! ;).   We haven’t made it to all the restaurants on the list yet, but  Big Stuff BBQ, Chutnify and Geist im Glass are some of our favorites!

Fried Chicken Friday (& KARAOKE) this week!

9 Nov

it’s Friday the 13th!  We’re hoping things get freaky on the mike.  Karaoke starts at 8:30, eats available 5-10pm.


We’re on CN Traveller’s top 10!!!

4 Nov

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.31.04 PM

Read all about it HERE VIVA LA KIMCHI!


JR Photography- Fräulein Kimchi-entryway

Kimchi-Roulade on ARD BUFFET!

19 Oct

Kimchi-Kohlroulade! We made a new kimchi dish for Norbert and ARD-Buffet. VIVA LA KIMCHI!  ‪#‎kimchi‬ ‪#‎berlin‬ ‪#‎kohlroulade‬

Fried Chicken Friday (& KARAOKE)

23 Sep


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