Oct 21: next class at Goldhahn & Sampson

So you’ve eaten some kimchi, and you even liked it. You’re one step away from being a true honorary Korean. Now you need to learn how to make your own delicious kimchi and few other goodies too.  I’ll be teaching my next class on October 21 at Goldhahn & Sampson.

On the menu: Bulgogi- thinly sliced beef with a sweet soy marinade, Fräulein Kimchi’s spicy chicken wings, Dukgook-rice cake soup, Hobak Chon- zucchini pancakes with a sesame, scallion dipping sauce, a variety of teas and banchans to sample and of course home-made KIMCHI! Bring an empty jar or two to take home your expertly made kimchi.

To book the class please go directly to Goldhan & Sampson’s website.

and to make the fräulein really happy, please come wearing your dirndl and lederhosen!

link for the class:

blogging is hard work!

i’m embarrassed to note that my last blog entry was last year.  in the meantime, i have started to write half a dozen entries that have never made it to press because my perfectionistic qualities have gotten in the way.  but thanks to ira glass’ words of wisdom, (i’ve been crushing hard on him ever since seeing him live in santa monica for a “this american life” show years ago) –  i will no longer stall!  perfection away…