October Cooking Classes

Hallo Lieben- I have a few cooking courses coming up for October and the first of November.

October 15 Korean-Bavarian at Goldhahn & Sampson.  My signature course featuring my german-korean fusion dishes including the Fräulein Kimchi original- Kimchispätzle!

October 16Mar y Seoul at Goldhahn & Sampson.  Another fusion course where I mix the tasty delights found in Mexican & Korean food.  Kimchi quesadillas, korean tacos and salsas galore.

and on November 1, I will be joining Biolüske for my first class on the west side of Berlin.  Traditional Korean food at its finest!

September Cooking Courses : Biolüske and Goldhahn & Sampson

My Lieben,  in my attempts to be a much more conscientious blogger and business woman 😉 I’ll be updating my blog more regularly these days.  So…..geht’s los.

I have 2 cooking classes coming up in September.

Traditional Korean Cuisine at Biolüske  on September 13 at 19h (7pm)

In this course you will learn the basics of a making a traditional korean meal with a set of banchans (side dishes typical for korean cuisine), kimchi, bulgogi, mandu and radish broth.

All about Kimchi!  at Goldhahn & Sampson in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin on September 14 at 18h (6pm)

In this course, like the title, you learn all about kimchi.  We will make a few different varieties of kimchi as well as kimchi chigae (soup),  kimchi-jeon (pancake), kimchi mandu (dumplings), kimchi bokkeumbop (rice) and who knows…maybe even a kimchi dessert!  A big love of kimchi is recommended if you take this course!