Last chance for 2013

Howdy folks- tonight will be our last Street Food Thursday market for 2013.  Tonight on the menu is something new! Korean style pulled pork on a crispy tortilla.  The usual suspects for salsas and return of the Kimcheese Please! cheesy kimchi tofu burger with miso mayo and chili ketchup.  For meaters, you can subsitute the tofu for pork…mmmmmm! 

The Melting Pot, take one


Last night was my first venture into fine dining with a group of fantastic chefs I have been collaborating with these past months.  We formed a new collective called The Melting Pot, with events taking place at the Kiez Kantine.  Yesterday we offered up a menu inspired by vibrant colors and our different cultures in a private dinner club open to friends and colleagues.  What can I say, despite our collective stress, anxiety and momentary “how the f@$k is this all going to happen!!” we had a magical evening of good food, good wine and good company.  Looking forward to more of many wonderful evenings at the Kiez and already planning up next month’s Korean menu, fine dining style!  More (professional) pictures coming soon, but here are a few quick pics of some of last night’s courses.

Stay tuned for more events at The Melting Pot.  We’ve got some scrumptious plans coming up for January including Sunday Mexican-Korean-Bavarian brunches, more supperclub events and even a cooking class thrown in here and there.  1488031_623930770997058_581108142_nIt’s kind of been my dream to work in a collaborative way with other chefs and garner more ideas, experiences and have fun in the kitchen and I feel super lucky to be part of this, let me just be American and say it,…totally AWESOME group of people!  Please sign up for the Melting Pot Facebook page, and of course I will always try to update events here and on Fräulein Kimchi kocht  so let the eating begin!

The Menu:

ORANGE | 12 hr salmon/ sour vegetables/ sweet beets/ pine nuts

RED | wilted cabbage/ crispy oyster/ pork belly/ kimchi

MAHOGANY | crunchy roots/ smokey chili/ green tomatillos/ polenta

GREEN | autumn puree/ pickled plums/ beef/ pistachio

Palette Cleanser | ginger/ cinnamon/ pear

WHITE | Dessert

beef filet

Kimcheese Please! at Street Food Thursday – 5. Dec

Kimcheese Please! My new creation for Street Food Thursday, Dec 5

I’ve been needing some new dishes in my life so I came up with the Kimcheese Tofu Burger for tomorrow’s Street Food Thursday at the Markthalle Neun. Filled with caramelized kimchi goodness, melted cheddar cheese, miso mayonnaise, and my kick-ass korean chili ketchup. Komm vorbei und einfach genießen!

Markthalle 9,  from 17-22h (that’s 5-10pm for you Americans ;P )

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

U1 Görlitzer Bhf