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Fräulein Kimchi on Der Vorkoster

13 Dec

I spent a great afternoon with top chef, Björn Freitag on Der Vorkoster talking about Street Food and showing him how to build one of our classic creations, the Kimchi-Ramenburger.  The best part was watching him wolf down one of our Ramenburgers! 🙂  Watch the full episode here.  VIVA LA KIMCHI!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.49.20 PM

We’ve made the list!

13 Dec

It’s been a good week for Fräulein Kimchi.   We’ve made the 2016 Tip Gastro Guide! Woop woop!

Thanks Thrillist!

11 Dec

Wondering where to eat in Berlin?  Check out all the restaurants on this new list from Thrillist (we’re on there too! ;).   We haven’t made it to all the restaurants on the list yet, but  Big Stuff BBQ, Chutnify and Geist im Glass are some of our favorites!

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