KOLLWITZSTR. 46- we are open!

We are still working on the new website for our restaurant, but Fräulein Kimchi is finally open!  We are located in Prenzlauerberg, Kollwitzstr. 46, 10405 Berlin.

Current open hours are from>

Tue-Thurs 5-10pm

Fri-Sat 12-10pm

Sun 5-10pm

We’re still busy with all of our caterings so are currently closed for lunch, but stay tuned in the upcoming months as that may change.


My ZDF debut – viva la #KIMCHI!

Last October I had a lovely visit from Olaf and Koral from Kitchen Guerilla.  Here is my cameo in their documentary about my favorite food….

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.22.12 PM

It’s no secret that I would love to have my own cooking travel show, introducing the world to the lovely world of kimchi and fermented foods and all things spicy and delicious so anyone out there interested in getting this fräulein on the tv road…hint, hint.  (Unfortunately my kimchispätzle clip ended up on the editing floor but it was über fun teaching these guys some of my fusion food.)

Kitchen hijack from the Kitchen Guerilla

This week I had a blast in the kitchen filming a segment for ZDFinfo with Olaf and Koral from Kitchen Guerilla and giving them a taste of some of my kimchi specialties like Kimchikäsespätzle and Rotkohl-kimchi.  It’s a true cultural mash-up when a Korean-American is showing a northern German and Turkish-German how to cook some proper spätzle. What a fun pair! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while at work, and they helped with the dishes too!  Let’s just say the door is open any time my jungs 😉

photo 2

photo 1

then it was off to Street Food Thursday where Kimchi-ramenburgers were tasted and approved- Sau lecker!

photo 3

Now the boys are off to Korea to get a taste of the homeland, but I sent them off with a few jars of kimchi to tide them over for the flight.

Viva la KIMCHI!

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