Fräulein Kimchi


Korean tacos, kimchi quesadillas and spätzle coming your way soon.  Viva la Kimchi!!!!!

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Kimcheese Please!


I’ve been needing some new dishes in my life so I came up with the Kimcheese Tofu Burger. Filled with caramelized kimchi goodness, melted cheddar cheese, miso mayonnaise, and my kick-ass korean chili ketchup. Kommt vorbei und einfach...

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Kitchen hijack from the Kitchen Guerilla

This week I had a blast in the kitchen filming a segment for ZDFinfo with Olaf and Koral from Kitchen Guerilla and giving them a taste of some of my kimchi specialties like Kimchikäsespätzle and Rotkohl-kimchi.  It’s a true cultural mash-up...

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Scenes from the Market


photos taken by Bettina Stoess

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